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Turkey supports Model Highway Initiative

Ankara, 2012-11-14

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Following similar presentations made in the capitals of Azerbaijan and Georgia, the IRU made a third presentation of the official results of the pre-feasibility study on the creation of Model Highway along the Baku - Tbilisi - Batumi - Trabzon route, at a meeting today organised jointly with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Turkey and with the support of BSEC-URTA. 

The meeting brought together officials from various governmental agencies of Turkey, including the Ministries of Customs and Trade, Foreign Affairs and Economy, representatives of international financial institutions such as BSTDB and EBRD, regional organisations such as BSEC, diplomatic corps and the local business community. Participants gave their unanimous support for the Model Highway Initiative and stressed the necessity to further promote its implementation in the BSEC region in the framework of effective public-private partnership.

On photo: Deputy Secretary General of the BSEC-URTA, Adrian Albu (left), and Director General of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Turkey, Bekir Gezer




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