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NELTI Project Phase 2 in Progress - First 9 Months Summed up

Moscow, 2010-04-29

Click to enlarge It has been 9 months since the Phase 2 of IRU NELTI Project was launched. Phase 2 is implemented in close collaboration between IRU and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) within the framework of the bank's Programme for Development of the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC).

Freight haulage within Phase-2 of the NELTI Project covered a large geographic area in the territories of 18 countries of Europe and Asia. A specific feature of NELTI Phase 2 has been the monitoring of freight transportation over the territory of the People's Republic of China.

At the present time, NELTI Phase-2 involves 23 road transport companies from 12 countries in Europe and Asia.

The overall distance covered by carriers made about 608 thousand km with the average distance per average vehicle in a single round trip making around 4,500 km.

The overall volume of freights transported within 9 months was in excess of 2.66 thousand tons.

Over the period of haulage operations the drivers paid in excess of US$207,4 thousand of official duties. Unofficial extortions made more than US$35,1 thousands.

A detailed analysis and summary of the NELTI Project's progress is made available for downloading in the pdf format.




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