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High level support

Michel Danet,
World Customs Organisation (WCO) 

Michel Danet"The World Customs Organisation has long been working with the IRU in a true public-private partnership to facilitate international trade and road transport and effectively enhance security.

The WCO salutes and supports the IRU's New Euro-Asian Land Transport Initiative (NELTI), which will be officially launched on September 16, 2008 in Tashkent, to foster trade along the ancient Silk Road.  This will allow people and businesses in landlocked countries to be interconnected and gain access to global markets.

The WCO thus urges the governments and Customs authorities of South East and Central Asia as well as the Middle East to lend their full support to the IRU's commendable initiative to drive peace and prosperity in these regions."

Chingiz Izmailov
Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee of Coordination Transport Conference (CIS CTC)

Chingiz Izmailov“The CIS CTC attaches great significance to the development of transit and to the creation of the most enabling environment for high-quality, on-time delivery of goods throughout the CIS. This is one of the major lines of work in the efforts to develop transport industry in the CIS Member States, and it is in this context that the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and a number of other countries have adopted pertinent national programmes and strategies.

Therefore, the Executive Committee is ready to advertise and provide any other kind of practical support for this important international project”.

Tair Mansurov
Secretary General of the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC)

Tair Mansurov"NELTI is obviously a project of considerable interest for the EurAsian Economic Community. Its successful implementation will provide a new impetus to the development of the transit potential of the EurAsEC member states, whose territory will be crossed by the routes of a road transport bridge between South-East Asia and Europe."

Bolat Nurgaliyev Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Bolat NurgaliyevThe NELTI project appears to be important, as one of the first practical steps towards realizing the potential of Euro-Asian land transport linkages. If successful, this project will help to generate a sustainable flow of goods from Asia to Europe traversing the SCO countries and to create a new dimension for the historic Great Silk Road”.

During the latest GUAM Summit in Baku on 1 July 2008, the Presidents of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine signed a joint declaration supporting the NELTI project's Central Route: “Heads of Member States of the Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM ... welcome the launch of the Central Route of the New Eurasian Land Transport Initiative (NELTI) developed within the framework of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and envisaging the development of trans-Caspian and trans-Black Sea segments of the GUAM transport corridor”.




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