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The project has already gained support from major international institutions and national Governments, including the UN Regional Commissions (UNECE, UNESCAP), CIS, EurAsEC, GUAM and many others. It is expected that the Governments of many transit countries will adopt special decisions and directives aimed at creating a “green corridor” regime en route for participants of the project. In order to provide a full time continuous support “national monitoring centres” will be created in the transit countries which will provide 24 hour “hot line” communication for transport operators in force-majeure circumstances.
Azerbaijan International Road Carriers Association (ABADA)
Tajik Association of Road Transport Operators (ABBAT)

Georgian international road carriers association

Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines (ICCIM
 Association of International Road Carriers of the Kyrgyz Republic International Transporters Association (UND)
Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine
Association of International Road Carriers of Uzbekistan Union of International Road Carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan  Turkey (TOBB)  International Association of Road Hauliers Belarussian Association of International Road Carriers  Turkmen Association of International Road Carriers (THADA)

Association of International Road Carriers of Armenia (AIRCA)




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