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Northern Route

The route’s approximate length is 6,500 km (from Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, to the European Union)
Freight: textiles, agricultural products, industrial equipment, food and pharmaceuticals
Estimated time of delivery – 12-14 days
Road transport operator:  ATRIMLOGISTIC Ltd. Co.


ATRIMLOGISTIC Ltd. Co. has conducted its operations as international carrier since August 2007. The company became a member of ASMAP, Russia, in May 2008. ATRIMLOGISTIC Ltd. Co. owns a temperature-controlled fleet of 11 vehicles in line with Euro-3 norms and performs contracts for freight carriages from Europe to Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and others). All the drivers are top category specialists with many years of experience in international haulage. The average work record of the drivers involved in international road transport activities is more than 10 years.
The company’s offices located in Moscow, Tashkent and Bremen make it possible to monitor the entire transportation process and to guarantee the safety of the freight carried. 

Alexander Merkushev, Director, Atrimlogistick
“We are confident that deliveries within the framework of the NELTI project will help our clients receive their freight faster. We are also confident that implementation of the NELTI project will foster greater public attention to road transport haulage as a practicable alternative to deliveries by sea, and that the freight traffic by land routes from the Asia-Pacific Region to Europe and back will increase.”

Moscow (Russia)
58 Molodogvardeiskaya Str., Moscow 121351
Telephone: (495) 771-6175; (495) 409-5567. Fax: (485) 771-6175
Bremen (Germany)
Inter-Logistics Deutschland GmbH
Teerhof 30
28199 Bremen
Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
7 N. Khasanova Str
700034 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The route’s approximate length is 4,900 km (from Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, to the European Union)
Freight: textiles, equipment, chemicals, food, construction material
Estimated time of delivery is 7 days


The OOO BUNYOD Company went into operation in 1998. The company is engaged in international haulage, repairs and maintenance of trucks, and transport services for the population. Our main area of operation is carriages of various freights in the following directions: Uzbekistan, the CIS, Iran, Turkey, and Europe. The company has at its disposal a large amount of diverse equipment and machinery, highly qualified technical personnel, and seasoned drivers with work experience over many years.

ShavkatboyR. Yusupov, Director, Bunyod Company
“Our company would like to participate in the international NELTI project aimed to improve the speed and quality of haulage operations, to pinpoint and remove the more frequent problems arising en route, and study the demand in road transport freight haulage in the Central-Asian region. We are confident that the said haulage operations have a great future if settlement is achieved of administrative issues that today hamper our work.”

“Bunyod” Company
Zangiatinsky raion
BUT 14 km
Tashkent oblast
Tel: + 998-71-270 92 37

The route’s approximate length is 3,500 km (from Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, to the European Union)
Freight: The building equipment
Estimated time of delivery is 7 days

Janstrong Transportation and Freight Forwarding Company

The Janstrong Transportation and Freight Forwarding Company has been a consistent provider of transportation and freight forwarding services since November 1993.  The company has proved itself a reliable partner and is a full member of BAMAP and a member of BAME.  Janstrong’s principal line of business is transporting import and export cargoes by road to and from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, France and Lithuania.  Its fleet consists of its own modern vehicles, which comply with EURO-5 and EURO-3 standards, ranging from 82-120 m3, with pneumatic shock absorption, 13.6 m in length and with a load-bearing capacity of up to 22 tonnes.  Janstrong is able to transport loads of 100 kg upwards to and from the countries listed above.  CMR insurance is a pre-requisite for all international freight loads.  Our insurance agent is ‘Belgosstrakh’.

The Janstrong offices are manned by qualified personnel, who are fully conversant with all the requirements of the contemporary international transportation market.  We are therefore able easily to resolve questions of documentation, customs clearance, insurance and timely delivery.

A comment from Dmitry Vorontsov, Janstrong’s Director:
“Today, our participation in the NELTI project marks the start of an important period which will be crucial for our economic integration into the Eurasian mainland.  We are convinced that in the near future, the trade turn-over between the countries located along the route of the revitalised Great Silk Road will continue to increase.  This, in turn, means this market will require high-quality service.  Road transportation is the most effective and quickest method of delivering products.  The Janstrong Transportation and Freight Forwarding Company is an active participant in this process and strives to fulfil all its undertakings to the highest professional standards.”

15-18 Peredovaya Str.
Minsk 220037
Republic of Belarus


Phone.:   +375 17 2 999 704
                +375 17 2 999 705
+375 17 2999 812



OSOO AZATIKA of Kyrgyzstan is a dynamically developing company in the transport business offering services in international freight haulage and deliveries. The company's trademark motto is Fast, High Quality, Reliability. The company has been active on the international freight haulage market for more than 9 years. It was formed as a result of a friendly merger of a number of Kyrgyz road transport companies and individual operators. The aim was to create a reliable system of freight haulage and forwarding. The company has all necessary licenses and documents to support its transport operations. Its regularly modernized motor pool numbers 500 vehicles of various models and applicability.

The Azatika Company provides for freight deliveries of any complex variety to and from Europe, and has reliable partners in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia.

Askar T. Shamyraliev
Company Director

Northern route

Distance of Route #1: around 6,800 km (city of Shymkent, Kazakhstan - city of Olomouc, Czech Republic) (textile for the freight)
Distance of Route #2: around 6,000 km (Prague, Czech Republic - Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Freights: textile, furniture, and kitchen equipment.
The route crosses the following countries: Kazakhstan (Shymkent, Taraz, Balkhash, Karaganda, Astana, Kostanai), Russia (Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kazan, Moscow, Smolensk), Belarus (Minsk and Brest), Poland (Warsaw), and the Czech Republic (Olomouc).


The AO (JSC) KAZAVTOTRANS Transport Company The AO (JSC) KAZAVTOTRANS Transport Company (CEO Rosa M. Asavbayeva) has been in operation since 1998. Over this period, the company has grown into a leader on the Kazakhstani market of international road transport freight haulage, with its own motor pool of more than 200 vehicles of well-known brands, such as Mercedes, Volvo and Man. The entire vehicle fleet conforms to the requirements made on the international haulage with the use of the TIR carnets, and many of the vehicles are equipped with sets of documents to carry dangerous freights.
Company CEO: Rosa M. Asavbayeva

The clientele of AO KAZAVTOTRANS are mostly large companies that need fast and reliable deliveries of significant consignments. Most of the customers have cooperated with the company over many years.      
The geographic proximity of the company's area of operation to the southern borders helps it to make use efficiently of it potential, carrying freights from China to several countries in Europe and Asia.

The chief advantages of AO KAZAVTOTRANS are:
• its large vehicle fleet;
• a high quality level of the services offered - professionalism, just-in-time delivery, and reliability;
• reasonable prices, and discounts for permanent customers; and
• experience and high reputation of the company's specialists.

The company has no plans to change its sphere of business; moreover, a merger is planned in the near future with a kin company (AO Trans Leasing KZ), which will make it possible to boost its production potential further on.

1 Ryskulov Str., Gouldala Village, 040000, Almaty Region, Kazakhstan
Phone:     8 (7272) 95-50-85, 95-50-67 -- reception
Phone/fax: 8(7272) 95-52-25
Company CEO: Rosa M. Asavbayeva




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