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NELTI - New Eurasian Land Transport Initiative

 Janusz Lacny, IRU President
Janusz Lacny, IRU President  “Currently for dogmatic reasons less than 1% of trade between European and Asian countries is carried through Central Asian countries, which were in earlier days at the heart of world trade. This is due to the fact that it is not widely known that only road transport, with its unique door-to-door, high-quality service, can interconnect all the businesses and regions from the Far East to Europe. The project of revitalising the Great Silk Road has just taken a giant leap forward through the NELTI project”.
 Martin Marmy, IRU Secretary General

Martin Marmy, IRU Secretary General

“This is just the beginning! The world will never be the same for these trucks will circulate forever. I hope that they will carry not only trade but also peace. Because trucks entail trade, and trade improves general standards of living. When people are living well, they do not go to war!

My wish is that these trucks are the symbols of peace for everybody.”
 Andrey Denisov, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Andrey Denisov, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

 “In the 21st century, it is high time that the words about revitalising the Great Silk Road be translated into action.”

(IRU Conference “Public-Private Partnership in Developing Transit and Logistics of the Great Silk Road: From Theory to Practice”, February 2007).
NELTI, the first international commercial project, translates into practical action the IRU's plan to expand road transport of goods from Asia Pacific to Europe.
NELTI is a joint project implemented by the business community, represented by international road carrier associations, and competent national and international structures, such as UNESCAP, ENECE, EURASEC, SCO and IRU.


Euro-asian Transport Project
Media Partner
Media Partner

New EurasianLand Transport Initiative (NELTI):

Bridging Asia and Europe to

  • Interconnect businesses along NELTI routes,
  • Increase transit potential of Eurasian continent,
  • Drive prosperity and peace.

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