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From vision to reality

NELTI is an essential next step in the IRU strategy of interconnecting businesses in Asia and Europe and along the Eurasian Landmass, as well as increasing public and business awareness of the huge opportunities created by this land bridge. Supported by significant international organisations and national Governments, several independent transport operators will start commercial deliveries of industrial and consumer goods from Central and Western China to Europe and Turkey in September 2008 through NELTI.

16 September 2008 - the NELTI  Project started from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, within the framework of an international conference on Euro-Asian road transport communications.

September 2008-February 2009 - commercial freight haulage operations and monitoring of the NELTI routes. Activities of the national coordinating centres in the countries participating in the project.

March 2009 - summing up preliminary results at a conference in Warsaw.

February-May 2009 - summing up the monitoring results and preparation of a road map in collaboration with the NEA Transport Institute of the Netherlands.

11-12 June 2009 - presentation of the NELTI Project's results at the 5th IRU Euro-Asian Road Transport Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.




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