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Central Route

The route’s approximate length is 5,100 km (from Central China via Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia to the European Union)
Freight: automobile components and cotton
Estimated time of the delivery is 14-18 days

Urta Osiyo Trans

The state joint-stock company Urta Osiyo Trans

The state joint-stock company Urta Osiyo Trans (SJSC Central Asia Trans) specialized in international road transport haulage was founded in 1992 in Tashkent, and has its branches operating in Uzbekistan’s major freight generating regions.

The company’s vehicle fleet consists of 200 Mercedes-Benz truck tractors equipped with all-metal, heat-insulated, refrigerated and tarpaulin-covered semi-trailers, with up to 24 ton cargo capacity, produced in Europe.

The company runs freight haulage to and from Turkey, Iran, Italy, Bulgaria, the CIS countries, and the Baltic region. And it is also heavily involved in freight carriages within the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Urta Osiyo Trans Company is a full member of the International Road Transport Carriers’ Association of Uzbekistan, and holds all types of authorizations, certificates and licenses required to implement international and inter-city freight haulage.

Abduzhalil Abduzhabarov, Chairman, Central Asia Trans

Abduzhalil Abduzhabarov, Chairman, Central Asia Trans
“In the situation of constant expansion of trade between Asia and Europe, transport support of the goods turnover acquires special importance. In this connection, the company supports the initiatives of international organisations and government structures aimed to form and further develop transport corridors between Asia and Europe. We hope that this caravan will demonstrate the competitive potential of road transport haulage along the Silk Road routes and provide an additional impetus to the development of comprehensive cooperation in international road transport haulage.

Central Asian Trans
15G Proektnaya Str. Kibraiskiy Ditrict Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan
Tel: +998-71-266 23 32, 266-23-35
Fax: + 998-71-266 23 21, 266-23-35




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