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About NELTI-4

Effectively improving the efficiency of road transport services across the Arab world requires identifying the main physical and non-physical impediments to road transport and designing the most appropriate solutions to key problems.

The IRU effectively addresses this critical mission by implementing the New Eurasian Land Transport Initiatives (see NELTI-1, NELTI-2 and NELTI-3), which consist in the monitoring of actual commercial deliveries by road transport along various trade routes.
In September 2012, within the framework of the IDB TA Grant to the AULT and in partnership with the AULT, the IRU launched NELTI-4 in the Arab world.

NELTI-4 will collect concrete information on actual journeys, which will be gathered through a World Bank based log book filled in by the drivers en route.

The assembled data will be analysed, in compliance with the UNESCAP Time/Distance-Cost methodology, by independent transport specialists assigned by the AULT, in coordination with the IRU and IDB.

The independent scientific analysis of the NELTI-4 data will be compiled in a final report to be published June 2013.

The NELTI-4 final report, which will also include recommendations for the future facilitation of trade and international road transport at national and regional levels, will be presented to the LAS Council of Arab Ministers of Transport for due consideration.



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