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The ancient Silk Road was never a single caravan route, but covered hundreds of miles in width extending for over six thousand miles. In a similar way at the initial stage of the project 3 – 5 non-connected truck routes embracing three main directions – Northern, Central and Southern - will be launched.
Northern Route - through Kazakhstan and Russia to EU 

IRU NELTI Northern Route

The northern route’s approximate length is 6,500 km (from Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, to the EU).

Categories of freight transported include textiles, agricultural products, industrial equipment, food and pharmaceuticals.

Central Route - across Middle Asia, Caspian Sea, Caucasus, Black Sea

IRU NELTI Central Route

The route’s approximate length is 5,100 km (from Central China via Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia to the EU).

Freight transported notably includes automotive components and cotton

Southern Route – through Middle Asia, Iran and Turkey

IRU NELTI Southern Route

The route’s approximate length is 4,000 km (from Kyrgyzstan via Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran to Turkey).

Freight transported includes seasonal export goods such as capers and walnuts, as well as leather, raw materials, dried fruit, consumer goods, spare parts for cars and plastics for window frames.




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