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IRU’s Model Highway Initiative

Monitoring the various impediments encountered, based on UNESCAP methodolology for collecting such data, the IRU’s NELTI has shown a high competitive potential for the development of the NELTI northern, central and southern routes. 

However, the data has also highlighted that 40 % of road transport time along the routes of the Silk Road is lost at borders due to inappropriate border crossing procedures which impede trade growth along the entire Eurasian landmass. In addition, approximately 30% of the transport costs were due to unofficial payments, borne by the hauliers en route and at border crossing points.

To tackle these impediments to growth and progress identified by the IRU’s NELTI, the IRU’s new Model Highway Initiative is the logical follow-up to the IRU’s wide breadth of activities targeting the development of Eurasian trade and road transport.

The Model Highway Initiative will operate through international investment mechanisms and dovetail the facilitation of transit transport as well as the development of road infrastructure with the national government commitments to improve border crossing procedures.

This is expected to be the necessary catalyst to effectively facilitate and enhance trade and road transport across land-locked Central Asian countries. This will greatly benefit national economies by assisting the creation of jobs and wealth through the development of small and medium-size businesses.  

Инициатива «Модельное шоссе»:


RECOMMENDATIONS of the second meeting of the Expert Group on Development of Ancillary Road Infrastructure organised by the Government of Georgia, GUAM and IRU

October 11, 2011
The Expert Group for Development of Ancillary Road Infrastructure Held its Second Meeting in Batumi

May 31, 2011
The IRU presented its project at the seventh meeting of the GUAM Working Group on Transport in Kiev (Ukraine)




По предварительным данным 4-й фазы проекта NELTI, в Лиге арабских государств около 44% времени тратится на пересечение границ


44% transport time lost at borders in the Arab World according to preliminary NELTI-4 reports


Турция поддерживает инициативу «Модельное шоссе»


Turkey supports Model Highway Initiative


Заместитель Генерального секретаря ООН заявляет, что автомобильный транспорт жизненно важен для развивающихся стран, не имеющих выхода к морям


UN Under-Secretary General says road transport is lifeline for landlocked developing countries

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