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January 19, 2012
Trade in ECO region hindered by border crossings

November 08, 2011
The IRU’s new publication

June 29, 2011
IRU NELTI shifts to third gear in ECO Region

June 17, 2011
Phase 2 of IRU’s NELTI confirms strong potential of Euro-Asian trade by road

May 31, 2011
IRU Project of Model Highway Initiative was Presented at the Seventh Meeting of GUAM Working Group on Transport in Kiev (Ukraine)

March 24, 2011
Road transport drives peace from Le Havre to Kabul

October 01, 2010
NELTI Project Phase 2 in Progress - First 12 Months Summed up

April 29, 2010
NELTI Project Phase 2 in Progress - First 9 Months Summed up

March 18, 2010
IRU commends Minister of Transport of Azerbaijan

March 18, 2010
IRU signs MoU with Azerbaijani Government on Afghan Transit

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44% transport time lost at borders in the Arab World according to preliminary NELTI-4 reports


Turkey supports Model Highway Initiative


UN Under-Secretary General says road transport is lifeline for landlocked developing countries


Arab Ministers bids farewell to the first TIR pilot trucks


Key UN multilateral trade and road transport facilitation instruments to boost LAS economies


Georgian governmental agencies support IRU Model Highway Initiative

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